Your wedding photography lasts forever. It will be passed down in your family as a reminder of the love that gave way to future generations. Your children and children's children will notice the way you smile, laugh and look at your better half while you proclaim your love to the world. While your decorations are important, they will not transcend time. Your wedding photos become an important part of your family history. You're not just investing in one day - you're investing in memories that will last the rest of your life and beyond. It's this fact that makes people so passionate about their photography decisions and we totally get it. 

All of our collections come with unlimited wedding day coverage, a second photographer, usage rights to all images and your very own personalized wedding website. We hold on to your images indefinitely, so you don't have to worry about the security of your images. We have listed out some of the collection components below so you can better understand. 


For more information on availability and pricing, please contact me with details about your session. I am based in both North Carolina, NC and Portland, OR but would gladly travel to any destination to capture your wedding day!

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Albums offerd 

In a digital age we find that tangible items help to slowdown and remember with family and friends. Our albums are linen bound and come in layflat or magazine style layout. We design your album in house from images you have chosen. You receive a digital preview once design is complete and are allowed one round of revision before the album is put into production. 

10x10 80 page Artistic Hardcover book

12x12 40 page layflat album

Come See

Come See

Second Photographer

Having a second pair of eyes and hands makes a world of difference in the quality of your wedding photography. "Two heads are better than one" could not be truer in this case. Not only does a second photographer capture all the secondary moments from a different perspective than the lead photographer but they also act as support. That support, for example, can include moving furniture to set up a location, changing film or lenses or just grabbing you something to eat if you're feeling a bit peckish. A second photographer’s role is complex and paramount to the coverage quality and to the overall flow of your wedding. Our second photographers are all trained professionals that have businesses of their own or work for my company. Therefore, you can expect the same level of quality and care as you will receive from me. 

Personalized Wedding website

After your big day, it's time to begin the editing process where we make a selection of roughly 700 of the best film and digital images. From there, those images are given individual retouching to make sure they are ready to wow you and your loved ones. Your images will also be provided in a black and white treatment. This process takes 4 weeks before we are ready to debut your site. Every collection comes with a personalized wedding website. This is how you will engage with your wedding photography after the editing process is finished. Gone are the days of disks and thumb drives. With the website and cloud storage your photography can be accessed and utilized anytime, anywhere in the world. And get this.... Your site never expires! We guarantee that you will always have access to your wedding website.  Your website comes password protected and with a download pin. This way, your images are secure and well within your control. Since all our collections come with the unlimited usage rights, you can grant access to whomever you please by proving them with the password and download pin.

40 page layflat album

In a world full of digital and immediate gratification, we think it's important to slow down and enjoy the tangible when time permits. That’s why we offer the 40-page Layflat Fine Art album. This album is hand designed in-house to ensure an editorial design that’s sure to wow you. The images are chosen by you right within your site. The album is a linen bound book with true layflat pages for a presentation that will have your friends and family talking. While looking at your images on a digital device is nice, nothing beats turning page after page to engage with your wedding photography.