A little about me: Ever since I was young, I have been enthralled by the arts. My parents recognized this aesthetic proficiency early on and nurtured it. I have a degree in painting and commercial add photography but before that I studied sculpture, life drawing and mucho mucho music. I’m a firm believer that all life is art and an open perception to your surroundings is the key to viewing your world in this way. 

All this being said, what I’m most proud of is my family. My wife, daughter, cat and dog are the light that keeps my passion shining. We are nothing without the ones we love. I cherish this above all else. 

hello. I'm griffin.



"There is no greater act of preservation of the human spirt than that of capturing a heart felt embrace out of thin air and giving it eternal life." 

On top of running one of the easts premier wedding photography companies I also own and operate a commercial / creative company. I offer high end commercial production and direction for video and photo campaigns. If you are interested in learning more please come see the other side of my work. We would love to help you and your business reach new heights through improved marketing material. 




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